2017+ Duramax L5P Tuning 

L5P Tuning is Now Available! 

      • HP Tuners Unlocked ECM
      • HP Tuners Unlocked TCM 
      • HP Tuners Unlocked MPVI2 cable
      • HP Tuners Universal Credits
      • DuramaxTuner.com's ECM Tuning
        • Tow Tune (485 RWHP)
        • Sport Econ Tune (550 RWHP)
      • DuramaxTuner.com's TCM Tuning
        • Increased clutch holding capacity
        • Improved shift quality

Our extensive testing of the 2017 and 2018 Duramax powered 2500/3500 HD pickup truck has given us powerful insight into this platform.  We took our time to completely understand the system and how our tuning would impact performance and reliability.  Whether you are towing, commuting or just daily driving your truck we know our calibration is going to be safe and completely satisfying.  

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